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Firstly, let me thank you for taking the time to look over this presentation that I have called "an eye over the Ventoux".

I was born and bred in the Pays de Sault and have a passion for Nature, here are a few selected portraits that will take you into the very heart of the forest of the Ventoux, you will discover its richness and its beauty!  I hope to reveal to you how our landscape and fauna are so inter-dependant.

I am the first to admit I am no artist or even a professional wildlife photographer, but my passion has led me to experience some amazing sights on this beloved mountain, I feel now it is time to share these moments!

All these photographs have been taken in the last two years, either on the mountain itself or within the foothills.
I have tried to capture a variety of emotions from the eyes of the animal, I do my upmost not to disturb them or frighten them in any way.

I sincerely hope each and everyone is touched by these snapshots selected for this presentation, for I feel we are blessed to be so intouch with this magical mountain ' Le Mont Ventoux'.

When I was a boy my father used to tell me :

"when you walk in the country because you want to observe its nature, never forget that even if you remain perfectly still, for the first half an hour nature observes you! later, only later will you begin to blend in, belong, fade away, disappear, it is from that moment you must really open your eyes!".

I have always remembered these words and often put them into works !!!